Clark’s Trading Post in Lincoln NH an easy ride from the Family Friendly Bartlett Inn

Clarks NH Bear Cub Weigh In

We packed some drinks and headed to Clark’s Trading Post in Lincoln New Hampshire to see the Bear Show  at 1130AM this Tuesday.  From the Bartlett Inn in Bartlett NH it was approximately a 30 minute drive.  We took Rte 302 and enjoyed the views on the way of Silver Cascade Waterfalls in Crawford Notch, Mount Washington and the Mt Washington Historic Hotel.  We had a blast at Clark’s.  We had parents, a 15 year old and a 6 year old with us.  The Bear Show was awesome .  There were 2 new bear cubs that stole the show.  The large male bear was weighed during the show and we estimated that some of the bears we see passing through the yard at the Bartlett Inn weigh in over the 400 pound mark…yikes!   We had a nice affordable lunch in the park..kid friendly food grilled cheese and hot dogs and fries.  The staff were busy but all very nice!  The water blaster boats are fun and they are not kidding when they say be prepared to get absolutely soaked..especially if your kids turn against you! The train ride is bizarre with the crazy wolfman chasing you but the kids seem to love to hate him!  The Chinese Acrobats…I always find it funny to see something like this in the rural mountains of NH!  We did not try the Segway as the kids were a bit too small but it looked fun and so did the climbing wall.  Very cool in the Wizards lair!  Don’t miss the little museum with the history of Clark’s, they started out with dog sled adventures.  Mrs Clark was pretty amazing and was the first woman summiting Mt Washington  with  a dog sled team. The great thing about this park is that the admission is very cheap reasonable ($18 adults and kids $7 for s5 and under – perspective Story land in Glen NH is $26.99 and Santa’s Village in Jefferson, NH is $per person but under 4 is FREE) and they do not then charge you for every ride and game in the park.  Once you are in you can do it all.  Even on a busy day no wait was very long.  I call Clark’s a weird but wonderful day for the whole family! 

 The drive home we took the Kankamangus Highway US Route 112 and stopped at all the scenic overlooks along the way taking sunset pictures and looking for Moose.  In a little bog on the side of the road we spotted a momma and baby moose but they heard us coming and took off as we pulled up. We turned down Bear Notch Road and enjoyed more scenic pull offs with great views of the Bartlett Village below. Great day out and then we took  at swim in the Bartlett Inn heated swimming pool, perfect ending to the day!

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