Fall Hiking to New Hampshire Waterfalls near North Conway New Hampshire

Autumn Swim New Hampshire Waterfall

Autumn is a great time of year to take a family hike in New

Fall Foliage started in New Hampshire Bartlett Inn

Fall Foliage started in New Hampshire Bartlett Inn

 Hampshire’s White Mountains.  Today we took a whole family of children from 6 months (in the baby bjorn), 3, 5,6 9 ,13 and the adults from the Bartlett Inn NH and hiked along the Bear Notch Cross Country Ski Touring Trails in Crawford Notch NH to a tributary of the Saco River.  We came across a beautiful stretch of Granite sheet with Basalt Vein in it with the prettiest set of cascades and waterfalls.  The children could not resist the crystal clear water and took off their shoes and socks and rolled up their pants.  We walked a good half mile upstream in the stream through the brisk water.  The rocks can be very slippery but we discovered a path in the stream of moss that felt like walking on a carpet.  The waterfalls were beautiful, the children and adults loved exploring, the tree leaves have started turning beautiful colors and yes – the kids did fall into the water up to their waists but we managed to walk out and home and warm up in the hottub.  A great day in the fresh air to enjoy New Hampshire Fall Foliage!  The Bartlett Inn is located centrally on the Autumn Scenic Byways,  a great location for  hiking and Storyland too!