Halloween Trick or Treat Fun Bartlett Inn New Hampshire

Pumpkin Patch at the Bartlett Inn NH

Pumpkin Patch at the Bartlett Inn NH

Halloween is a great time of year to visit the Bartlett Inn near Jackson and North Conway NH.  What is there to do….Well ..

Bartlett Village has the quaintest old time Halloween Trick or Treat night where the neighborhood houses decorate there porches with haunted houses or glowing jack-0-lanterns, hot apple cider by the vat and lots of candy and a few Tricks too!!
Cranmore Mountain in North Conway New Hampshire has a frightening Ghoullog Ride up the mountain ..not for the timid or the small kids!  Even the teens are scared! 
   There is an accidental but delightful pumpkin patch at the Bartlett Inn this year!  We threw a couple of pumpkins in the compost pile and this summer ended up with a beautiful pumpkin vine which we hope yields many orange pumpkins!!  This was a Trick and a Treat!!
Did we mention this is a perfect time of year for hiking in the White Mountains! 

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