Hiking Mount Washington New Hampshire Presidential Mountain Range

Mt Washington Summit NH Bartlett Innkeepers

Mt Washington Summit NH Bartlett Innkeepers Did it!!

Mount Washington is the highest peak in the North Eastern United States at 6233 Feet.  Climbers often train here to climb Mt Everest as it is the closest simulation to the weather conditions on the highest peak in the world!   We trained for 2 weeks climbing peaks like Mt Tremont and found the muscle memory took hold.  We were less sore after Mt Washington than after Mt Tremont.  Loved the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail accessible next to the Cog Railroad Base Station.  Beautiful river pools, cascades and

Mimi descending Mt Washington Jewel Trail Great Gulf Wilderness NH Views

Mimi descending Mt Washington Jewel Trail Great Gulf Wilderness NH Views

waterfalls.  Spectacular Views on the 2nd half of the trail.  Nice challenging steepness and rock climbing but not impossible.   At the the top of the trail are the Lakes in the Clouds…2 small mountain ponds which are crystal clear and beautiful!  And best of all we saw no other humans on the trail!  I love the pure nature experience.  It took another hour to summit Mt Washington from the Lakes of the Clouds following the cairns (piles of rocks about 3 feet tall that help mark where the trail is since the top of Mt Washington is all boulders and scree with no obvious trail)  through the scree and boulders.  This is a fun challenge as there are many trail intersections but nothing obvious because of the 100% rocks so it is a game to follow the signs and the cairns.  We picked a top 10 day for this hike as the view was about 100 miles crystal clear and the weather about 70 degrees and 60 at the top. We took the Jewel trail down and I hated the footing; as you got off the boulders at the top  the trail turns into a small shifty rolly ankle breaking watch every step mine field for 70 % of the way down.  I was told this was the easy trail down but think I will return via Ammonoosuc next time!.  Saying that the views into the Great Gulf Wilderness and the very obvious marked changes at each altitude and flora and fauna and terrain were very interesting. The bottom of Jewel trail was closed and of course curiosity and tiredness got the best of us…so we walked on to find the bridge was washed out by Irene…so if you are not up for a long jump across the brook take the long way down. Great hike, beautiful day and a wonderful accomplishment to be able to say I climbed Mt Washington after living in her shadows for 9 years!  Stay at the Bartlett Inn  NH just 20 minutes to either notch to climb MtWashington.  Guests enjoy a yummy breakfast and good hiking advice whatever trail you choose! See more pics on Barteltt Inn Facebook! 9/27/11

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