Moose Mania

Do you want to spot that elusive moose on your vacation in New Hampshire, North Conway, Jackson, NH, Bartlett and the White Mountains?  Want to see a moose – reserve one of our special Moose Mania Packages.  You are picked up at the inn and taken on a fun light hearted tour in Crawford Notch NH.  The tours are out each night so they have a chance to see the patterns of where to see the moose and have a 93-97% success rate. 

If you prefer to drive yourself Innkeepr Nick will be happy to give you a route to follow where we have seen moose.  Spring and summer are great times to see the moose feeding in mud holes on aquatic vegetation!  Dusk and Dawn are great times to see a moose although it is not unheard of to see a moose at any time of day!

If you are driving and see a car pulled over in the White Mountains of New Hampshire chances are they are taking a phone call…or…just a s likely they have stopped to get a better look at a moose!  Take a peek.  Be sure to pull all the way off the road as to not cause a

Crawford Notch Moose NH

Crawford Notch Moose in May Spring Snow NH

traffic accident.  And remember the moose is a wild unpredictable animal.  Keep a safe distance and keep your car between you and the moose. Happy Moose Spotting!