New England Fall Foliage at its Best at the Bartlett Inn near Jackson New Hampshire

In spite of the the last few days of rain or should I say thanks to the last few days of rain the foliage is bursting in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  The low swamps are bright red and everything else is hues of red, orange, yellow and still a bit of green too!  Although foliage typically peaks around the 2nd weekend in October some years it lingers.  Often people ask is it peak yet.  There is no one day that is peak of foliage but rather a process over weeks and even on the down side of the peak you don’t realize the peak is over.  

Do not let the rain stop you from visiting New Hampshire’s Bartlett, Jackson, North Conway and Crawford Notch  foliage routes.  Many of our guests enjoyed the most spectacular waterfalls this week because of the rain. There are many trails that are protected by tree cover and so if dressed properly you can still enjoy a day of hiking in the light rain.

Columbus Day Weekend is the busiest time of year in the foliage route but if you come during the week there are still rooms available at the Bartlett Inn at the heart of the foliage route!