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Dog Freindly Hotel New Hampshire

Pet Friendly Hotel New Hampshire – Bartlett Inn in Bartlett NH welcomes dogs in their cottage rooms.  There is a pet policy tobe adhered to but as long as pet owners are planning to include their dog on the days activities then the Bartlett Inn is a great location for Pet Friendly Hotel New Hampshire Lodging.   What does the pet policy entail?  Well just a bit of common sense and common courtesy.

The key points of the policy are to ensure other  guests at the property are not disturbed by barking, or dogs being aggressive, feces not being cleaned up and that the property in and of the room is not damaged.

– Pick up dog feces (this is the law in most places)
– Bartlett Inn is not meant to be a kennel.  Dogs should not be left in the room unattended.
– Dogs not permitted on furniture (this includes beds)  Most guests bring their own dog beds for the pets comfort.
– Dog must be on a leash at all times

If you understand and respect these basic riles then the Bartlett Inn is a great place to stay with your family and dog.  Pet Friendly hotel NH offers, dog friendly cross country ski trails, dog friendly hiking and StoryLand even has free kennels at the park!  Call  1 800 292 2353 for Pet friendly hotel in New Hampshire!