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Halloween Family Fun at Santa’s Village in Jefferson New Hampshire

Come stay at the Bartlett Inn October 22, 23, 24, and 30th and take the kids to Santa’s Village to enjoy a safe fun way to celebrate Halloween. Santa’s village is having their Silly, Spooky Halloween Extravaganza. Call about our special packages including accommodation, yummy breakfast, tickets to Santa’s Village, a pumpkin and other treats to take home from just $39 per person.  you can stay 1 or 2 nights!

The entire park is transformed into a magical Halloween adventure. There are “spooky” areas for the older children; some “fun” areas for the younger goblins. It’s a treat not to be missed. Shops cater to the Trick or Treaters, and it’s much more fun if you arrive in costume. We also invite those in costume to join in the Silly, Spooky Parade! Even the Silly Helpers are dressed for the occasion. Rides and food shops will be open too. It’s silly. It’s spooky. It’s Halloween at Santa’s Village.

Things to Do on a Rainy Day while Lodging in North Conway NH at Bartlett Inn & Cottages

Bartlett Inn Pool near Storyland North Conway Lodging NH

Enjoy Bartlett Inn Swimming Pool Rain or Shine

Highway US RTE 112 and look for Moose!..and there is more..No one ever said you can’t swim in the rain..especially with the Bartlett Inn Heated Swimming pool..as long as there is no lightning and thunder Swimming in the Rain is a real treat!Kancamagus is a blast; they have bouncy castles, slides and many token games where you win tickets for prizes.  Today’s favorite was the air hockey.  All the kids lined up to play a tournament!  I was pleasantly surprised how yummy the Buffalo Salad was too.  I did not expect much from food at a kids indoor game place!  What else to do…The Weather Observatory Museum next to Citizens Bank in North Conway is a fun hands on display with cause and effects of the wind and other weather.  Make sure to go into the Mountain top Cabin to experience the worlds highest recorded wind from the Top of Mt Washington.  Look for the Meow!  What else…The Artery offers crafts for kids to paint and fire or not.  They can ship the finished product to your home if it is not ready before you leave the Mt Washington Valley. What else..well I love the outlets..bargains galore..climb MT Reebok, Mt Nike, Mt Adidas or enjoy great bargain racks at the Children’s Place.  Take a drive along the Uberblast in Glen NH and other Amusements Parks or if it is raining there is still plenty to do with the kids in North Conway NH.  StorylandIf you are tired of hiking , river swimming and


Halloween Trick or Treat Fun Bartlett Inn New Hampshire

Pumpkin Patch at the Bartlett Inn NH

Pumpkin Patch at the Bartlett Inn NH

Halloween is a great time of year to visit the Bartlett Inn near Jackson and North Conway NH.  What is there to do….Well ..

Bartlett Village has the quaintest old time Halloween Trick or Treat night where the neighborhood houses decorate there porches with haunted houses or glowing jack-0-lanterns, hot apple cider by the vat and lots of candy and a few Tricks too!!
Cranmore Mountain in North Conway New Hampshire has a frightening Ghoullog Ride up the mountain ..not for the timid or the small kids!  Even the teens are scared! 
   There is an accidental but delightful pumpkin patch at the Bartlett Inn this year!  We threw a couple of pumpkins in the compost pile and this summer ended up with a beautiful pumpkin vine which we hope yields many orange pumpkins!!  This was a Trick and a Treat!!
Did we mention this is a perfect time of year for hiking in the White Mountains! 

Halloween Fun in New England for all ages new North Cownay NH

Come stay at the Bartlett Inn near North Conway, New Hampshire for Halloween Weekend and enjoy low rates and lots of fun.  For families, Bartlett village holds the quintessential small town New England Halloween Trick or Treat.  The police block the main street and residents Trick, decoratingwith Jack-O-Lanterns, Haunted Porches and Garages and treat with Hot Apple Cider and Candy too!  For the older kids and adults who want a good Scare, Mt Cranmore in North Conway, NH offers the haunted Ghoullag Ride from the bottom up the lift it is terrifying!  Check out our packages or call for information.