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Tubing the Saco River from Bartlett NH to North Conway New Hampshire a blast!


Saco River Tubing fun White Water Bartlett NH

After 8 years of exploring North Conway, Jackson and Bartlett in the White Mountains of New Hampshire we had the chance to explore the section of the Saco River from Humphreys Ledge in Bartlett through to the First Bridge in North Conway.  The Bartlett Inn provides lodging near North Conway and Storyland and is a great location for tubing, kayaking and canoeing down the Saco River.  We recommend the section from North Cownay to Conway and Fryeburg in the dryer times so you do not have ot drag your boat in low spots.  There were so many beautiful deep spots along the way.  We came off our tubes and swam and dove in off rocks, even swung from trees like tarzan.  The kids loved the adventure. Better than Storyland! The adults loved that you could see every granule of sand on the bottom even in 6 feet of water.  As a caution there are some sunken trees and braches you have to be careful of.  We packed plenty of snacks and drinks and floated them on a small tube in a plastic bag.  This tubing trip took about 4.5 hours and was a fantastic day out for kids from 6 years old to adults and teens.  The river is very warm right now and the air temps in the 90s thi sweek made it the best place to keep cool! This river adventure takes some planning as you either have to set up pick up and drop off with Andes canoe and kayak rental or spot one car at the end and one at the beginning.  Sit back, relax, cool off and enjoy one of the most beautiful scenic days out in the US right here at the Bartlett Inn NH!  1 800 292 2353.

Things to Do on a Rainy Day while Lodging in North Conway NH at Bartlett Inn & Cottages

Bartlett Inn Pool near Storyland North Conway Lodging NH

Enjoy Bartlett Inn Swimming Pool Rain or Shine

Highway US RTE 112 and look for Moose!..and there is more..No one ever said you can’t swim in the rain..especially with the Bartlett Inn Heated Swimming pool..as long as there is no lightning and thunder Swimming in the Rain is a real treat!Kancamagus is a blast; they have bouncy castles, slides and many token games where you win tickets for prizes.  Today’s favorite was the air hockey.  All the kids lined up to play a tournament!  I was pleasantly surprised how yummy the Buffalo Salad was too.  I did not expect much from food at a kids indoor game place!  What else to do…The Weather Observatory Museum next to Citizens Bank in North Conway is a fun hands on display with cause and effects of the wind and other weather.  Make sure to go into the Mountain top Cabin to experience the worlds highest recorded wind from the Top of Mt Washington.  Look for the Meow!  What else…The Artery offers crafts for kids to paint and fire or not.  They can ship the finished product to your home if it is not ready before you leave the Mt Washington Valley. What else..well I love the outlets..bargains galore..climb MT Reebok, Mt Nike, Mt Adidas or enjoy great bargain racks at the Children’s Place.  Take a drive along the Uberblast in Glen NH and other Amusements Parks or if it is raining there is still plenty to do with the kids in North Conway NH.  StorylandIf you are tired of hiking , river swimming and


Santa’s Village Jefferson New Hampshire a lovely ride from family freindly Bartlett Inn


Real Reindeer Kiss Santas Village Lancaster New Hampshire

What a great day!  We drove from the Bartlett Inn in Bartlett, NH to Santa’s Village in Jefferson

Moose in Crawford Notch NH en Route to Santa's Village

Moose in Crawford Notch NH en Route to Santa's Village

 NH.  On Us Rte 302 in Crawford Notch we saw a beautiful yearling Moose.  She just stood 5 feet from the side of the road and let us take pictures for 10 minutes.  She was a beauty!  What a way to start the day!  Santa’s Village was excellent.  We had two families with 6 year olds and 15 year olds and all ages had a great time!  There is a great mix of rides even for small children.  Part of the fun is for the kids to do a Alphabet punch card where elves around the park are different letters of the alphabet.  At the end kids submit the card for a diploma and a surprise.  We thought it was great that each sleigh on the sleigh ride was equipped with an umbrella just in case!  We also purchased a snow globe with our picture on it.  It is our family tradition. 

New Water Park Santas Village Lancaster NH

New Water Park Santas Village Lancaster NH

The new water park is fantastic.  We were at Whales Tale in Lincoln NH last week and it is a similar contraption to their new playground.  Large water playground with at least 5 slides stairs, squirters, and a giant bucket that empties every 5 minutes dousing whoever is below!  Absolutely fantastic.  The kids loved it ..especially the 15 year olds!

Santas Village Jefferson New Hampshire new water park

Ho Ho H2O Santas Village Bucket Splash Water PArk

This park is a little less expensive than Story land in Glen NH with an entry fee 2 dollars less and the food was approximately 20% less.  The staff was very friendly and helpful. The cookies in the bakery where you can design your own gingerbread man were delicious! WE all had a lot of fun and the adults had a great relaxing day. Where else an you say that about an amusement park!

Storyland Lodging Package Glen NH at The Bartlett Inn

Storyland Lodging Glen NH

Storyland NH Whirling Whales

The Bartlett Inn Bed and Breakfast and Cottages is a great place to stay near Storyland in Glen NH and North Conway.  This Summer we have a special deal for Storyland when you stay for 2 nights.  In this economy the value is very good as the package includes a yummy country breakfast including a starter of fresh fruit.  We always have cheerios on hand for kids that want something simple.  There are BBqs on the property and picnic tables so you can cook your own dinner.  The Bartlett Inn has ice too to keep you cooler cold each day .  If you prefer you can also rent a cottage with a kitchenette.  The heated pool is a huge hit and so refreshing after a day at Storyland or Santa’s Village in Jefferson NH.  Todays pool temp 85degrees! Nice!