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New Hampshire WaterFalls, Arethusa Falls a Family Friendly Hike

New Hampshire WaterFalls Arethusa Falls

New Hampshire WaterFalls Arethusa Falls a Family Friendly Hike in NHFamily Friendly Hike Arethusa WaterFalls Coliseum Falls Bemis Brook Falls

New Hampshire WaterFalls are abundant in Crawford Notch and Bartlett NH.  The trail-head to Arethusa WaterFalls is just 6 miles

Family Friendly Hike Arethusa WaterFalls Coliseum Falls Bemis Brook Falls

Family Friendly Hike Arethusa WaterFalls Coliseum Falls Bemis Brook Falls

from the Bartlett Inn.  We enjoyed a 2.5 hour hike to the falls with the kids, dog and adults too!  Hiking to WaterFalls is a fun thing to do with Children in the White Mountains. The rain from the night before and the sprinkle of the morning added to the flow of the falls!  We often tell guests who feel put off by the weather that there is a bright side to a rainy day:  It makes the Waterfalls flow very big!  So if you have the right equipment…waterproof hiking boots and jacket and non cotton pants and it is not too cold out you will not melt in the rain and will get to see the New Hampshire Waterfalls at their best!  We recommend the Bemis Brook Trail for the first part of the hike so you can enjoy the granite slabs with steps and cascading waterfalls along the way.  The climb back to the Arethusa Trail is steep and slippery so be sure to hold onto firm roots and and rocks.  It is only about 200 meters and then you rejoin the main trail.  Kids love the boardwalks and the cool breeze and mist coming off the falls too!  We ate lunch at the bottom of the falls and the sun came out to warm us!  We took the Arethusa trail back and it returned much quicker then on the climb up.  We saw a huge toad, a little peeper frog, garter snake, chipmunks and squirrels too. Stay at the kid friendly Bartlett Inn near StoryLand NH and enjoy natures own amusement park.  we will give you ideas for Family Friendly Hikes in New Hampshire and other fun things to do with kids near North Conway!  1 800 292 2353

Waterfalls New Hampshire Zealand Falls Hiking Trail a Great family Hike to NH Waterfalls!


Zealand WaterFalls New Hampshire Family Friendly Hike

Zealand Waterfalls New Hampshire can be found by taking the Zealand Falls Hiking Trail on the West Side of Crawford Notch.


Mt Hale New Hampshire Waterfalls Family Friendly Hike

  When the road is not gated from mid spring to fall you can drive up the dirt road and park at the Trail Head.  Otherwise it is a 3 mile easy dirt road walk into the trail head.  This is a nice easy trail with no elevation gain.  The trail is gentle and wide and there is fun terrain to see along the way from peaceful pine forest to a marsh area with boardwalks and beaver dams.  and across the pond you can see the beautiful Zealand Waterfalls!  We took pictures from the bottom of the falls and then climbed the trail up The last few hundred feet to the Zealand Hut.  This hut is open year round and a great place to base yourself to explore the back country wilderness.  Did I mention the beautiful views from the Hut!?

I was hoping to return the easy way we came to the top of Zealand Falls but caught summit fever and decided to return via a loop taking the Lend A Hand Trail to the summit of Mt Hale 4054 FEET NH.  I had good company so the hike was very relaxing with more peaceful woodland terrain, lots of moss but limited views.  The views to MT Washington were good when you could get them through the trees and there was snow on Mt Hale and on Mt Washington too!  We descended via the Hale Brook Trail and this was the most challenging part of the hike as it is a steep pitch and you are walking in a shallow river bed with running water (at least in the spring).  Tired but happy having climbed another 4000 Footer and live to tell after hiking about 10 miles round trip!

For families I would recommend taking the Zealand Trail to Zealand Falls and the Zealand Hut and then returning the same way since it is a nice flat gentle hike but still about 6 miles round trip. Pack lunch, water and camera and a jacket as it is often chillier as you get higher in altitude! Stay at the Bartlett Inn in Bartlett New Hampshire and the innkeepers will be happy to help you plan your day depending on your interests of Waterfalls, Mountain Views, altitude, difficulty or ease of terrain, time and fitness level. 1 800 292 2353.

Mt Washington Auto Road New Hampshire

Mt Washington Views NH

Mt Washington Views with Bartlett Innkeepers in NH Foliage NH

What better than a sunny September day to take The Bartlett Inn’s Summer Employee (Ozgur from Turkey!) on a sight seeing day and where better than for a ride up the Mt Washington Auto Road in Pinkham Notch NH.  We like the sign that says not a good road to drive if you have a fear of heights at the beginning of the road!  A little frightened we put the truck into 1st gear and went for it!  What can we say…spectacular views at every turn and the top too! We enjoyed lunch at the canteen and the museum in the bottom of the observatory.  One perk of driving up is that you are not limited by the time of the returning coach or cog train.  There are many hikes that can be done from the top too!  On teh way back to the Bartlett Inn there is nice short hike to Glen Ellis Falls off Route 16 .

Glen Ellis Water Falls Pinkham Notch NH

Glen Ellis Water Falls Pinkham Notch NH

Call Bartlett Inn to stay and Innkeepers will check the Mt Washington Weather Observatory Weather Cam and reports for the best visability day to visit the top during your stay.  We also offer discount vouchers  for the Auto Road saving you $8!  Call 1 800 292 2353 Bartlett Inn a great location to visit the Auto Road or the Cog Railway or to hike to the summitt of MT Washington, NH!

IRENE : Directions to Bartlett New Hampshire and the Bartlett Inn near Storyland NH

The Bartlett Inn fared well in the floods of Irene suffering no damages at all as we are on high ground.  Rte 302 to the WEst of The Bartlett Inn NH is currently closed.  Teh actual bridge damdge is another 3 miles further into the Notch so bring you bikes and enjoy a quiet very low traffic bicycle ride down Rte 302!

All the local White Mountain Attractions are now reopened and the hiking is on!  Great time to view waterfalls in New Hampshire!  Some of the local roads in Carroll County NH have been damaged so when you come to visit the Bartlett Inn NH DUE TO IRENE PLEASE CALL FOR DIRECTIONS.  Best access to the Bartlett Inn is Rte 16 to Rte 302. The Kancamagus Highway, Rte 112, is open from Conway to Bear Notch Rd and then Bear Notch Rd South to 302 turn left .5 mi to Bartlett Inn, Rte 112 West of Bear Notch Rd to Lincoln is closed. US Rte 302 West of the Bartlett Inn through Crawford Notch is CLOSED. West Side Rd is now open. Alt Routes are I 93 to Rte 25 West to Rte 16 N to Rte 302 West or from the North Rte 2 East through Gorham NH to Rte 16 South to Rte 302 West to Bartlett NH.

Another option Rte 16 N to the Kancmagus Hwy West to Bear Notch Rd South to US Rte 302 West.

Swimming, tubing, canoeing and Kayaking Saco River North Conway NH

Saco River Tubing Fun North Cownay NH

Saco River Tubing Fun North Cownay NH

Swimming, tubing, canoeing and Kayaking Saco River North Conway NH

The Saco river is just a short walk or drive from the Bartlett Inn near North Conway NH.  If you want a refreshing day out and some adventure without going to Storyland then spend a day on the Saco River.  There are several local swimming holes that prvide a variety of conditions for different strength swimmers.  Big Rock swimming hole on River Street in Bartlett NH has a small sandy beach and calm water close in good for non swimmers and little kids to splash around.  Halfway across teh river is the famous BIG ROCK.  If you dare you can climb up the rock and jump in.  There is a sweet spot in teh middle of the river that is typically 4-6 feet deep.  Watch where the locals jump to get the location.  Feet first for safety.  After the rock the water moves more swiftly so stronger swimmers enjoy the challenge.  If you bring a tube you can sit in teh tube from under the bridge and ride the current a couple hundred yards and then walk back.  I recommend river shoes or sneakers as the bottom of the river is rocky and some places are hard to walk in bare feet.  There are longer tubing trips from1-2 hours where guests can use Andes, Saco Bound Canoe and Kayak or Northern Extremes companies who will rent a tube, canoe or kayak and then drop you off and pick you up for a fee.  If you have 2 cars and your own tubes you can spot one car at the end after dropping everyone off.  Last season we had a great time dropping in on West side road and 3 hours later ended up at 1st bridge in North Conway.  There was a rope swing hooked to a tree branch over the river and we all took turns doing a Tarzan swing into the river.  It was a blast! The river can be chilly so if you plan a long tubing trip make sure you have a dry bag with towels, food and water especially for the kids. Stay at the Bartlett Inn and we will help you find the best outing for your family forSwimming, tubing, canoeing and Kayaking Saco River North Conway NH

Halloween Family Fun at Santa’s Village in Jefferson New Hampshire

Come stay at the Bartlett Inn October 22, 23, 24, and 30th and take the kids to Santa’s Village to enjoy a safe fun way to celebrate Halloween. Santa’s village is having their Silly, Spooky Halloween Extravaganza. Call about our special packages including accommodation, yummy breakfast, tickets to Santa’s Village, a pumpkin and other treats to take home from just $39 per person.  you can stay 1 or 2 nights!

The entire park is transformed into a magical Halloween adventure. There are “spooky” areas for the older children; some “fun” areas for the younger goblins. It’s a treat not to be missed. Shops cater to the Trick or Treaters, and it’s much more fun if you arrive in costume. We also invite those in costume to join in the Silly, Spooky Parade! Even the Silly Helpers are dressed for the occasion. Rides and food shops will be open too. It’s silly. It’s spooky. It’s Halloween at Santa’s Village.

Late October Fall Foliage and Hiking near Bartlett, Jackson NH and North Conway New Hampshire

Consider visiting the White Mountains of New Hampshire this Autumn.  You can enjoy some late foliage without the crowds of Columbus Day Weekend.  The hiking is great, a little foliage adds color and yet since there is less foliage more spectacular views, once blocked by leaves, open up.  Mount Washington NH in Crawford Notch and from the North Pinkham Notch NH, has some snow on the peak and what a sight that is!  If you prefer a hike to Mt. Reebok, Mt. Nike or Mt. Adidas (LOL), The sales at the Settler’s Green Outlet Stores in North Cownay New Hampshire are Tax FREE  and are terrific this time of year.  Many bargains can be found as the outlets try to clear their final inventory out for new arrivals.  Come relax at the Bartlett Inn and Innkeeper Nick will give you  great hiking advice while you enjoy a daily home cooked breakfast.

Tubing the Saco River from Bartlett NH to North Conway New Hampshire a blast!


Saco River Tubing fun White Water Bartlett NH

After 8 years of exploring North Conway, Jackson and Bartlett in the White Mountains of New Hampshire we had the chance to explore the section of the Saco River from Humphreys Ledge in Bartlett through to the First Bridge in North Conway.  The Bartlett Inn provides lodging near North Conway and Storyland and is a great location for tubing, kayaking and canoeing down the Saco River.  We recommend the section from North Cownay to Conway and Fryeburg in the dryer times so you do not have ot drag your boat in low spots.  There were so many beautiful deep spots along the way.  We came off our tubes and swam and dove in off rocks, even swung from trees like tarzan.  The kids loved the adventure. Better than Storyland! The adults loved that you could see every granule of sand on the bottom even in 6 feet of water.  As a caution there are some sunken trees and braches you have to be careful of.  We packed plenty of snacks and drinks and floated them on a small tube in a plastic bag.  This tubing trip took about 4.5 hours and was a fantastic day out for kids from 6 years old to adults and teens.  The river is very warm right now and the air temps in the 90s thi sweek made it the best place to keep cool! This river adventure takes some planning as you either have to set up pick up and drop off with Andes canoe and kayak rental or spot one car at the end and one at the beginning.  Sit back, relax, cool off and enjoy one of the most beautiful scenic days out in the US right here at the Bartlett Inn NH!  1 800 292 2353.

Things to Do on a Rainy Day while Lodging in North Conway NH at Bartlett Inn & Cottages

Bartlett Inn Pool near Storyland North Conway Lodging NH

Enjoy Bartlett Inn Swimming Pool Rain or Shine

Highway US RTE 112 and look for Moose!..and there is more..No one ever said you can’t swim in the rain..especially with the Bartlett Inn Heated Swimming pool..as long as there is no lightning and thunder Swimming in the Rain is a real treat!Kancamagus is a blast; they have bouncy castles, slides and many token games where you win tickets for prizes.  Today’s favorite was the air hockey.  All the kids lined up to play a tournament!  I was pleasantly surprised how yummy the Buffalo Salad was too.  I did not expect much from food at a kids indoor game place!  What else to do…The Weather Observatory Museum next to Citizens Bank in North Conway is a fun hands on display with cause and effects of the wind and other weather.  Make sure to go into the Mountain top Cabin to experience the worlds highest recorded wind from the Top of Mt Washington.  Look for the Meow!  What else…The Artery offers crafts for kids to paint and fire or not.  They can ship the finished product to your home if it is not ready before you leave the Mt Washington Valley. What else..well I love the outlets..bargains galore..climb MT Reebok, Mt Nike, Mt Adidas or enjoy great bargain racks at the Children’s Place.  Take a drive along the Uberblast in Glen NH and other Amusements Parks or if it is raining there is still plenty to do with the kids in North Conway NH.  StorylandIf you are tired of hiking , river swimming and


Lodging for hiking the White Mountains and Appalachian Trail in NH

Huntington Ravine Pinkham Notch NH

Hiking Huntington Ravine Pinkham Notch NH

The Bartlett Inn is in a great location for hikers to base themselves for hikes up Mount Washington NH and the Appalachian Trail running through the White Mountains.  Many hikers stay 1 or 2 nights at the Bartlett Inn in Bartlett NH on the edge of Crawford Notch State Park NH and then hike the AMC hut system for a couple of days and return to the Bartlett Inn for a hot shower, great breakfast and a refreshing swim in the pool or in cooler weather the outdoor jacuzzi!  Innkeeper Nick enjoyed a day out with a friend hiking and rock climbing in Huntington Ravine on Mt Washington this week.  It was a huge challenge!   In the winter Ice Climbing is a popular sport in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Frankenstein Cliffs is not far from the Bartlett Inn in Crawford Notch NH and is a very popular ice climbing spot.  There are many other ice spots to practice too like the bottom of Elephant head or Cathedral or White Ledge State Parks in North Conway New Hampshire.  Give Nick a call and he is happy to suggest hikes and rock climbs and ice climbs in the White Mountains 1 800 292 2353! There are a couple of local suppliers like IME that have safe reliable experienced guides for a great day out.

Perfect Place for Affordable Intimate Weddings in New Hampshire – Bartlett Inn Romantic Bed and Breakfast NH

Perfect Place for Affordable Intimate Weddings in New Hampshire – Bartlett Inn Romantic Bed and Breakfast NH

Natural Wedding Bartlett Inn Forest NHThe Bartlett Inn is a great place for Intimate Weddings, Civil Unions, Elopements and Renewing Vows in the White Mountains of New Hampshire near North Conway New Hampshire and Jackson NH.  Call 603 374 2353 In the current economy a Cozy Country Inn can provide the service and setting for a very memorable special event at a very reasonable price.  The Innkeeper at the Bartlett Country Inn helps you plan your wedding or special event sharing the best recommendations from experience of local suppliers like photographers, caterers, cake bakers, florists and justices’ of the peace.  Want to save more?  The Bartlett Inn can provide flowers from their gardens for your event. Don’t want to rent a tent – our dining rooms seats 24 and there is room for another table just in case!  The new rule of thumb for keeping a wedding intimate : Ask yourself can I say I love you to that person?  If not perhaps a note after the wedding with a picture to share the news is a great way to share your special day and keep it affordable. Innkeeper Nick acts as you personal wedding planner making all the details easy!

Other perks of an intimate wedding at the Bartlett Coutnry Inn – All the guests can stay togeher for a night or more.  The inn living room is a great place for families and friends to gather for a drink or a cup of tea!  The front porch is a relaxing place to sit on a porch rocking chair and rock with friends, getting to know your new family.

A perk of having your wedding at the Bartlett Inn NH is that you get  your wedding night FREE in our Romantic Bemis Cottage. The couple is met with a  lovely vase of fresh garden flowers, chocolate dipped strawberries and bottle of something bubbly.  The room has a real wood fireplace in the bedroom with plenty of wood and a jetted jacuzzi tub in the bathroom to relax and ease the nerves before during and after the big day!

What better place to have Pictures of your Wedding the The White Mountaisn of New Hampshire with forest, mountain and river gorgeous scenery as your background.  Many of our guests enjoy the great outdoors and have chosen the Bartlett Inn for their wedding as it reflects their casual yet beautiful natural style and their pictures and videos reflect that.  Make your special day memorable by having a destination wedding in beautiful scenic White Mountains Bartlett New Hampshire at the Bartlett Inn Bed and Breakfast and Cottages!

Storyland Glen NH Packages for September at Bartlett Inn Bed & Breakfast & Cottages

Bartlett Inn Music Marshmallows Storyland

Bartlett Inn Storyland Lodging Music Marshmallows Family Fun

September is a great time of year to come and enjoy the White Mountains and their many attractions.  The Bartlett Inn offers great Storyland Lodging Packages that go back to non peak package rates after Labor Day.  Storyland in Glen NH is open until Colombus Day in October.  After Labor Day the Story Land Park is open 9AM  to 5PM on the Weekends and Holidays.   A great itinerary is to get up and enjoy a yummy home cooked breakfast at The Bartlett Country Inn and then take the Cog Railway or the Mount Washington Auto Road up to enjoy a bit of adventure and great views.  September offers clear crisp days with great views from the top of Mt Washington, the highest point in the US East of the Mississippi!  When you return enjoy a short hike at Glen Ellis Waterfalls in Pinkham Notch en route to the Auto Road or Elephant Head Views in Crawford Notch en Route to the Cog Railway. Then hit Storyland for the After 2 tomorrow too special.  Enjoy the Park from 2-5 PM.  Then return to the Bartlett Inn to unwind, have a swim in the pool, cook on the Bar B que or order in for pizza or..go out!  Saturday night is a lot of fun with a  firepit to roast marshmallows and often Nick and guests will grab a guitar and make some fun background music! Story land Amusement Park in Glen NH is just 7 miles to the Bartlett Inn..Come enjoy Indian Summer!

Sabbaday Falls New Hampshire a Family Friendly Hike near Bartlett Inn NH

Sabbaday Falls New Hampshire a Family Friendly Hike near Bartlett Inn NH

Sabbaday Falls NHSabbaday Falls New Hampshire is a Family Friendly Hike near Bartlett Inn NH located 3 miles West of Bear Notch Road on the Kancamangus Highwayy US RTE 112. This is a great hike for youn g and old and handicap and everyone in between as the trail is wood chipped without lots of trippy rocks and large logs across it. There are several benches to rest along the way and for a very little effort these are my favorite Waterfalls in New Hampshire.  They  are just beautiful from the emerald pool at the bottom to the several flumes and drops along the way…raw power and beauty.  Stay at the Bartlett Inn in Bartlett NH as a central place to explore the many stunning WATERFALLS  of New Hampshire and the White Mountains.  Innkeepers are happy to give you advice and directions depending on the difficulty of the hike you would like to do or if you would prefer to just pull over and snap a few pictures.  There are options for all levels of waterfall lovers!

Escape the heat lodge in the White Mountains of New Hampshire at the Bartlett Inn

Family Fun Tubing Saco River near Storylandd NH

Saco River NH Tubing FAmily Fun Bartlett Inn NH

Escape the heat – come to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  It is

Jump Big Rock Saco River NH

Yahoo Jump Big Rock Saco River Bartlet Inn NH

 noticeably cooler up North at the Bartlett Inn near Storyland NH.  Guests from Boston and New York have been commenting on what a relief it is to enjoy less humid and cooler air.  Refreshing.  The Bartlett Inn near North Conway NH provides a great location surrounded by the White Mountain National Forest and Crawford Notch State Park for hiking and swimming.  Yes we have a heated outdoor pool but yesterday we took the tubes and went for a mile ride down the river.  Innkeeper Miriam took her niece and a new student friend and the kids were amazed how beautiful the views were, how refreshing the water was and how relaxing an afternoon it made.  We ended the Saco River NH tubing ride with a jump off the Big Rock in the middle of the river in Bartlett, New Hampshire.

Lupine Festival Sugar Hill New Hampshire

Fields of Lupine Franconia NH

Purple Lupine Sugar Hill NH Lupine Festival

The Lupine Festival is on in Sugar Hill NH from June 4-20, 2010.  The Bartlett Inn in Bartlett NH is just a lovely 30 minute drive to Sugar Hill with the field of Lupine just a few miles from our inn at the entrance to Crawford Notch State Park.  We love the purple Lupines we have in our front garden and thought it would be fun to go see more. 

It is a truly scenic drive from Bartlett through Crawford Notch to Franconia and Sugar Hill. The views of Mt Washington NH were spectacular from US Rte 302 with Lupines and wild flowers all along the way.  8 June was a bit early for all the Lupines to have blossomed so they are good now with much more to come.  Innkeeper Nick took some Pictures. 

So many of our guests recommendedPolly’s Pancakes in Sugar Hill NH that we just had to go.  They had a nice variety of batters and add ins.  The staff was very very good especially with such a large crowd and a lengthy wait.  We enjoyed a combo – delicious maple syrup.  My husband said – they have nothing on The Bartlett Inn! The Bartlett Inn in Bartlett NH near Jackson and North Conway NH serves home cooked breakfast for guests each morning and guests and owners agree that the special of blueberry -cranberry combo pancakes with the light oatmeal batter really are the best. 

Harmon Cheese in Sugar Hill NH is a place we frequent several times a year.  They have the best aged NY cheddar for a very affordable price!

Lady Slipper  Wild Flower in NH White MountainsSo stay at the Bartlett Inn this June and enjoy the wildflowers and the Lupine Festival and Innkeeper Nick will give you all the insider tips to make your trip unforgettable!

Pink Ladyslipper Bartlett NH