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Storyland NH New WATER Ride – Come get Soaked!


Storyland NH Splash Battle Water Ride

Storyland NH Hotel Splash Battle Water Ride Get Soaked

Try the new water ride Splash Battle: Pharaoh’s Reign at Story-land Glen New Hampshire Amusement Park and you will get absolutely soaking wet! The passengers on the boats each get access to a pump squirt cannon to shoot at each other or people on shore as they meander along a 5 minute winding river. The Storyland guests on shore have access to waterguns / water cannons all around the river to squirt the boat passengers.  Passengers on the boat are sitting ducks to get absolutely soaking wet by the people shooting them from shore.  And the kids can be relentless – often it is their Mom or even a stranger squirting them!  Don’t worry – there is a human dryer at the exit of the ride and for $5 you can completely dry off.  Stay at the Bartlett Inn close to Storyland for 2 nights midweek in August or anytime in September and receive 1 free ticket to Storyland. Bartlett Inn guests enjoy the heated swimming pool, Saturday night firepits with marshmallows and a yummy full breakfast.  Guests say Bartlett Inn is the best hotel, motel , place to stay near Storyland NH.!!! Call 1 800 292 2353.

Swimming, tubing, canoeing and Kayaking Saco River North Conway NH

Saco River Tubing Fun North Cownay NH

Saco River Tubing Fun North Cownay NH

Swimming, tubing, canoeing and Kayaking Saco River North Conway NH

The Saco river is just a short walk or drive from the Bartlett Inn near North Conway NH.  If you want a refreshing day out and some adventure without going to Storyland then spend a day on the Saco River.  There are several local swimming holes that prvide a variety of conditions for different strength swimmers.  Big Rock swimming hole on River Street in Bartlett NH has a small sandy beach and calm water close in good for non swimmers and little kids to splash around.  Halfway across teh river is the famous BIG ROCK.  If you dare you can climb up the rock and jump in.  There is a sweet spot in teh middle of the river that is typically 4-6 feet deep.  Watch where the locals jump to get the location.  Feet first for safety.  After the rock the water moves more swiftly so stronger swimmers enjoy the challenge.  If you bring a tube you can sit in teh tube from under the bridge and ride the current a couple hundred yards and then walk back.  I recommend river shoes or sneakers as the bottom of the river is rocky and some places are hard to walk in bare feet.  There are longer tubing trips from1-2 hours where guests can use Andes, Saco Bound Canoe and Kayak or Northern Extremes companies who will rent a tube, canoe or kayak and then drop you off and pick you up for a fee.  If you have 2 cars and your own tubes you can spot one car at the end after dropping everyone off.  Last season we had a great time dropping in on West side road and 3 hours later ended up at 1st bridge in North Conway.  There was a rope swing hooked to a tree branch over the river and we all took turns doing a Tarzan swing into the river.  It was a blast! The river can be chilly so if you plan a long tubing trip make sure you have a dry bag with towels, food and water especially for the kids. Stay at the Bartlett Inn and we will help you find the best outing for your family forSwimming, tubing, canoeing and Kayaking Saco River North Conway NH

Indoor Water Parks in North Conway New Hampshire

Hampton Inn North Conway Waterpark Slides

Hampton Inn Hotel North Conway Waterpark Slides

Did you know that there are  two Indoor Water Parks in North Conway New Hampshire? One is the Hampton Inn Indoor Water Park in North Conway NH and the other is the Kahuna Laguna Indoor Water Park at the Mountain View Resort in North Conway.
We enjoyed a visit to the Hampton Inn Indoor water-park with a group of kids who helped with Cleaning up North Conway and the surrounding area during Valley Pride Day. The staff was friendly and the lifeguards did a good job keeping order.  There was one kiddie pool with a raining tree and a slide and then 2 large slides, about 20 feet high that end in a 36 inch deep pool.  There was no actual large swimming pool so this is a fun place for the kiddie pool or the slides.  Entry fee is $15 per non guest for a 2 hour session which is more than enough time.  Our next trip will be to check out Kahuna Laguna!  We did go to Whales Tale Outdoor Water park in Lincoln over the summer and that was terrific…best on a very hot day…Santa’s Village also has a great new Water Park and again best on a hot day! Attitash NH has several outdoor water slides in the summer too with a kiddie splash pool. Come stay at the Bartlett Inn located near all the Water parks in North Conway NH!  We have a heated swimming pool and kids play area too!  Call Bartlett Inn for lodging near waterparks 1 603 374 2353.  Your stay at the Bartlett Inn includes personal concierge service including advice on hiking, Storyland, skiing, Waterparks, river tubing, moose and wildlife viewing and sightseeing!