We thought it would be fun to chronicle the wildlife sightings made by Inn guests and the Innkeepers. If you’ve seen wildlife while staying at the Bartlett Inn, or on day trips in the area, let us know and we’ll post it here. Bartlett NH Wildlife Bartlett Inn

Moose: In our eight years at the inn non have gone by without spotting a Moose and her calves driving through Crawford Notch on US Route 302 or along the Kankamagus Highway NH US Route 112! Innkeeper Nick Jaques nearly walked into a moose behind the barn one afternoon, we are not sure who was more frightened! The innkeeper also saw two Moose in Crawford Notch while bicycling, and an inn guest from Portland, Maine saw two moose crossing the road near Attitash Bear Peak while driving from the inn to a day hike on Mt. Stanton. The moose come down from the hills to enjoy the summer greenery in the valleys and low lying wetlands. In winter, they head to higher ground. Watch for them while driving anywhere in the White Mountains! Several guests have reported moose sightings this season.

Black Bear: We have been visited by black bears in NH on more than one occasion this past summer. They typically don’t bother people, and can be fun to see. This picture is of a Black Bear sighted by the innkeepers on US Route 16 in North Conway New Hampshire!

Pine Martin: Reently spotted by a Bartlett Inn Guest who hiked Mt. Tom.  What an adorable critter!!! Thanks for sharing the picture Becky!

Ring Necked Pheasant: The innkeeper was surprised to see a beautiful male pheasant strolling down the driveway in front of the cottages!

Beaver: The beavers have been busy damming up the runoff from the winter snowmelt. The innkeeper has seen a beaver living in a pond near the Sawyer River Road, and there is lots of evidence of beaver activity along the Saco River in Crawford Notch NH.

Coyote: They‘ve been making a comeback in recent years. Don’t be surprised if you hear a lonely howl late at night!

American Bittern: An exciting sighting by the innkeeper last spring in a nearby wetland.

Bard Owls: More typical is the Bard Owl sighted this past winter when a Biologist of the NH Experimental Forest was met on the Trails at night when innkeepers wereenjoying a star gazing snowshoe.  The Biologist was using Bard Owl calls to attract the Owls and there were 2 within 10 feet of us…they sound like..who cooks for you.

Pileated Woodpecker: Sighted frequently in the Bartlett Inn’s side yard pecking noisily at a large pine tree and in Crawford Notch and recently in Glen NH.

White tail deer: Spotted crossing Rt 302 in the early morning hours, near the Mt Tremont Trail.

Snowshoe Hare: Seen on a snowy night hopping down the middle of US Route 302 in Crawford Notch near the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail.

Ruffled Grouse: Crossing US Route 302 in Crawford Notch, photographed by the innkeeper en route to Bretton Woods NH for Spring Skiing. Identified using the National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America.

Fox: The innkeeper was surprised to meet a red tailed fox on the summit of Mt Jefferson, NH’s third highest peak, while out on a sunset hike. Some foxes have become overly friendly at the Mt Washington Cog Railway base looking for food!

Hawks and other birds of prey: Several sightings during the spring and summer.

Who else visits us: A family or flock of Wild Turkeys has taken up residence in Bartlett and often cause traffic situations crossing US RTE 302 in near Attitash NH. We also see many chipmunks, red squirrels, gray squirrels, ermine and fishers (both weasels), skunks, garder snakes, frogs, toads, moles..the list is endless!

Let us know what wildlife you’ve seen while visiting the Bartlett Inn!